About Us

CycleBoost is delivered on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, who is promoting sustainable travel and is particularly keen to encourage more people to replace shorter car journeys by travelling by bike.

The scheme consists of three elements, designed to tackle some of the barriers that stop people from cycling.

Bike Loans

The cost of trying cycling can be off putting, especially if you don’t know whether cycling will meet your daily travel needs. CycleBoost offers Barnsley workers and residents the chance to try cycling for four weeks for free. Its a great way to give it a go without having to lay out lots of cash. We also lend you a full range of cycling accessories with the bike so you should have everything you need to see if cycling is for you.

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Cycling Sessions & Courses

For a lot of people it may be years since you last cycled, if indeed you learnt at all. We have a range of cycle skills sessions and courses designed to boost your skills and confidence, so you get the most out of cycling.

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Maintenance & Repair

Keeping a bike safe and roadworthy is something cyclists need to do. We will check over your bike for you and tell you if we spot any problems, we will even do minor adjustments for you. If we come across any problems that we can’t easily fix we will refer you to your local bike shop and give you a report on the state of your bike so you can get things fixed easily.

Bicycles are quite easy to repair yourself, given the right tools and knowledge. We can help with both!

We run maintenance classes that show you how to keep your bike clean and properly adjusted. We show you how to repair punctures, do basic adjustments of brakes and gears, and even replace a broken chain.

We also open up our Sheffield workshop to the public so you can use the right tools when you want to do your own repairs. We have trained mechanics on hand to give you help and and advice whilst you work.

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